Thursday, 1 July 2010

Workers' champion Clegg squares up to the markets

Here's what our esteemed Deputy PM had to say about public sector cuts back in March (conveniently, some months before he had a say in the matter). It's from an answer given at the Yorkshire Post Question Time.

The decisions about how we govern this country shouldn’t be decided by fear of what markets want. Let’s say there was a Conservative Government and they announced, in a macho way: ‘We’re gonna slash public spending, slash this, slash that. We’re gonna do it tomorrow because we have to take early tough action.

Just imagine the reaction of my constituents in south-west Sheffield. I represent a constituency that has more public servants as a proportion of those working than any other constituency in the country – lots of people working in universities, hospitals and so on. They have no Conservative councillors and no Conservative MPs as far as the eye can see in South Yorkshire.

People like that are going to say: ‘Who are these people telling us they are suddenly taking our jobs away? What mandate do they have? I didn’t vote for them; no-one round here votes for them.

If you want to check Clegg's man of the people act out for yourself you can enjoy the speech in all its retrospectively surreal glory here.

At least he didn't mention Forgemasters. Poor Sheffield.

Thanks to Teacher Talks for the link.

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