Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bambikill - Arachne (self released EP)

Enchantingly packaged with a suitably creepy illustration of haunted woodland, this self-released EP is perfect for Hallowe'en.* The work of solo artist Christelle Rox, it consists of five heavily layered and processed guitar pieces, all of them apparently summoned from the darkest nooks of their author's mind. Drones are droned, strings are bowed, and spindly melodies career into the night sky on broomsticks of analogue delay. At a little under twenty minutes, ‘Arachne’ is just long enough to get under your skin, and best enjoyed as a single composition, with the eastern-flavoured ‘Forest Mantra’ and ‘Wolf’s Milk’ at its densely woven, trance-like centre. As the closing lullaby ‘The Eagle With The Sunlit Eye’ ebbs away, the listener’s left feeling as strung out as De Quincey after an unexpectedly torrid date with the poppy. Bambikill’s grown-up fairy tale soundtracks are compellingly weird, and weirdly compelling.

Blood Red Sounds rating 7/10

This review originally appeared in Venue magazine.

*I wrote this about a month ago. It made sense at the time. A Bambikill isn't just for Hallowe'en.

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