Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Divided Circle - 'Nowhere’ EP (Lonely City Records)

Jon Rees was the songwriter in criminally overlooked indie-rockers The Sky Is Blue, while Krystian Taylor - who I interviewed here - is best known for the dark, atmospheric dubstep of Forensics. Their first release as The Divided Circle is one of the year’s most striking debuts. Contrasting Krys’s rueful baritone with Jon’s fragile, expressive tenor, the title track is a real heart-stopper. It sounds like Depeche Mode, re-imagined by Brian Eno, after five years immersed in the soundsystem techno of Basic Channel. If the other songs don’t quite match that improbable standard, they’re never less than well crafted – this is an EP of ambition and imagination that suggests the start of something special. File under ‘Essential Futurist Pop of 2010’, alongside the Darkstar album, and not a lot else.

Blood Red Sounds rating 7/10

This review originally appeared in Venue.

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