Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Geisha - 'Thre' EP (Splatterkore Records, Free Download)

If you take pleasure in extremity, look no further. Geisha used to be one of the UK’s angriest, most intense noise-rock bands. Then their drummer quit and chief conspirator Anton (who I interviewed here) moved to Berlin – a situation that should probably have buried them. Well, nobody expected Geisha to come back with a set of wistful long-distance relationship songs, but ‘Thre’ is the sickest quartet of tunes they’ve ever produced. While the FX-stacked guitars and live drums have been replaced by gabba kicks and red hot synths, there’s no mistaking these punishing breakdowns and tortured off-mic screams for anyone else. They’ve simply found a brand new way of unleashing their beautiful brutality.

Blood Red Sounds rating 8/10

This review originally appeared in Venue.

Grab the EP here. Free download!

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