Monday, 16 July 2012

AtTheHeartOfItAll - Excellent free music

Being grabbed by something nasty, powerful and insistent in your own backyard is not usually an experience you'd want to repeat, but here's an exception. AtTheHeartOfItAll are a synth / guitar / drum machine trio from Weston-Super-Mare, creating an almighty sonic disturbance with their updating of the industrial template. Let's be honest - we do not live in the best of all possible worlds, and there's no use pretending things are going to improve any time soon. While it's nice to know there's a seemingly inexhaustible supply of laptop morphine out there to take our minds of the horror, sometimes it's a relief to hear music that's doing its best to stare it in the face. The band's name references both Coil and Aphex Twin, and that should give you a pretty good idea of whether you'll enjoy them or not. They're playing Kollaps in October. Meanwhile, you can grab new tunes 'A Romance In Colditz' and 'Ubik' from their Soundcloud for nothing.


Seven Bastards said...

The links to 'Romance' and 'Colditz' point to Aphex Twin :(

Adam Burrows said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Links should work now!